From There to Here

It's been a wonderful start to 2015. While I miss the energy and the people of Asheville's River Arts District, I love being in my home studio every day and seeing the mountains come to life this Spring.  

I have had a busy start to the new year business-wise.  My work is being shown on several online shops as well as storefronts in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.  In addition, I am pleased to have launched Sutherland Seasonals. Each quarter I will be shipping out a linen towel designed to reflect the season to each subscriber.  Subscribers may be annual or quarterly. The Spring towel shipped mid-March and I am happy to have received lovely kudos from many subscribers. If you want more information please go to my website ( and click on Seasonals.  

While I am working on my commissions and wholesale orders, I also am taking time for learning.  I have always been interested in embroidery, so have begun to take classes from Linda at The Williamsburg School of Needlework.  My end goal is to learn whitework, but in so doing, must learn many steps along the way.  This is purely for my own joy and use and will only be incorporated in my weaving work in a minor way.  

My sweet niece, Katie, has been helping me with my website and expanding my online and storefront presence with wonderful results.  I could not have made this shift from retail to wholesale without her.  I am so proud of her and of all she is accomplishing. Although I will not be present when she runs in the upcoming Boston Marathon, I will definitely be cheering her on from my loom bench.