About Sutherland

Since 2003, Sutherland has produced unique handwoven textiles for the home and table that blend timeless design and modern elegance. Drawing from personal experience and the finest materials, creator Barb Butler infuses traditional pieces such as tea towels and aprons with crisp, clean, and contemporary looks.

Often people ask how Barb came up with the name Sutherland. Sutherland is a large clan from Northern Scotland -- the name belongs to many of Barb’s family members. Not only does she love the name, but Barb feels certain that someone in her family must have been a weaver. 

About the Artist 

Years ago, Barb Butler was an oncology nurse. After retiring in 2002, she happened upon Deborah Chandler’s beginning weaving class and gifted it to herself for her birthday. The class began an insatiable thirst for all things textile. So now Barb weaves, day and night. She loves weaving with fine threads, primarily linen and silk. Color and pattern are crucial to Sutherland. Barb tries to integrate both in her linens for a crisp, clean, and contemporary look.  

These days, Barb is primarily a wholesale production weaver, but she works on commissions throughout the year.  From yardage for clothing to heirloom linens, Barb loves to collaborate with customers to find just what they want.  

But Barb isn’t just a weaver. She’s a wife and a mother and a fabulous cook and a sports lover (go Tigers!) and a generally wonderfully happy person. And you might be too, if you just had a taste of her blueberry pie.


What is linen?  

Linen comes from the flax plant.  It is twice as strong as cotton fiber.  The more it is used the more lustrous it becomes.

How do I clean my linens?  

Machine wash with like colors in cold water.  You may fully dry them in the dryer.  If you wish for a crisper linen feel, tumble dry on cool setting for just a few minutes, then press flat with a hot iron.  Lie flat to dry and repress after fully dry to add extra sheen and crispness to your linen.

Do you wholesale?  

Yes, I do.  I have a line sheet with information and am happy to provide this upon request.  

Do you do commission work?  

Absolutely.  I love working with clients to come up with just what they want for their home linens.